Eva Padberg: in a sweet partner look: she shares photos with her daughter

On January 26, 2019, model Eva Padberg (42) and her husband, music producer Niklas Worgt (44), became parents of a daughter. In the meantime, the baby has grown into a three-year-old girl with the nickname “Schnuti” who has her own fashion ideas.

Eva Padberg has now revealed that about cute photos on Instagram. And just in time for Mother’s Day, she also uses her post to celebrate all mothers who take good care of their offspring.

Eva Padberg and daughter with a message on a t-shirt

The photos show Eva Padberg and her daughter, who trustingly snuggles up to her mother. But the identical look that the two wear is particularly striking. Mom and daughter put on a t-shirt that read, “Mom is my superhero”. And both are wearing wide skirts with the same magical floral print. In her post, Eva Padberg also explains why she and her daughter can be seen in the same outfit.

Eva Padberg’s daughter loves a partner look

“I prefer to see her in dungarees and cool T-shirts, but our mouse loves dresses, skirts and floral prints,” writes the 42-year-old about her daughter, adding: “She thinks it’s even better when we’re both in the partner look, which I’ve never found really cool. But you do a lot to make the child happy.” But it was also great fun to stroll through a Provençal market with her daughter in this look, admits the model, who then talks about her own mother.

Eva Padberg is reminiscent of the performance of mother and grandmother

“Oh yes, and my mother is also my superhero,” writes Eva Padberg and continues: “She managed it with three girls and was still working on the side, which in turn was only possible thanks to the support of my grandmother.” At the end of her posting, the 42-year-old wishes all “superheroes out there a happy Mother’s Day” and certainly speaks to many moms from the heart.