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actress and singer Evaluate Montaner He surprised his fans with the release of his most inspiring song to date, “Refugio”. This single and video are available on all digital music platforms.

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“Refugio” occupies a special place in Evaluna’s heart since it is authored by her along with her husband Camilo, her best friend Nicole Zignago and Colombian musician Juan Ariza, who also acted as producer.

Directed by Marlene Rodriguez Miranda, Evaluna’s mother, the music video brings the concept of the song to life with images of rays of light falling on Evaluna as she wanders the streets of Buenos Aires on a historic tram.

This song is the first single of 2022 by Evaluna, who has enjoyed multiple triumphs recently, including winning her first Premio Lo Nuestro and receiving her first Latin Grammy nomination for her song “Amén” in the company of Ricardo Montaner, Mau and Ricky. , and Camilo.

As expected, Camilo shared an emotional message with his wife after the release of “Refugio”. According to what he said in her post, he was moved to tears after hearing her voice.

“All my admiration for her. For being the backbone of this home that we are. For being a free, honest, real artist, a reflection of light that comes from within. I remember when you recorded that voice in the hotel in Barcelona, ​​and you made us cry. Love you. And I love REFUGE”Camilo pointed out.


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