Evaluna Montaner’s mother trained as a midwife to assist her

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- After the birth of Indigothe daughter of Evaluna Montaner and Camilo EcheverrySome details have been known, such as that the couple received their firstborn naturally and in water inside their home.

This was revealed by his mother marlene rodriguezwho confessed to People en Español magazine, that for some time she trained as a midwife to help her daughter in the birth of her baby.

“I trained as a doula, I took the entire course… I trained precisely because I wanted to know in depth what that meant and the truth is that one thing led to another and the truth is that I enjoyed it a lot because I feel that It is perfect to go back to the time of midwives”, she declared.

Until now the degree of participation of the mother of the youngest of the Montaners is unknown, however, it is known that an experienced midwife was present at the birth.

Prior to the arrival of Indigothe mother of Eva Luna He surprised her with a book written by herself which she titled “Evaluna grows up”. This is a kind of guide for mothers who are about to give birth.

“Several years ago I began to write what I thought could accompany Eva in her journey as a wife and mother, in Evaluna nueva preparing her little house, the traditions, her husband. This is the preparation of her body so that God weaves her baby into her, the accompaniment of her during the belly, ”she wrote on Instagram.

The wait is over

Indigo He is one of the most anticipated babies in the music industry. It should be remembered that her parents decided to know her sex until the day of delivery, which was female.

In October of last year, the couple announced that they were expecting their baby with the release of their song Indigo. Said video accumulates the reactions of the Montaner family upon learning of Evaluna’s pregnancy.

The singers also published photos of the entire pregnancy so that the ‘Tribe’, as they call their fans, share their happiness with them.

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