Evaluna shares images of Camilo and Indigo dancing

    It’s been exactly a month today Indigo, the first daughter of the marriage of singers formed by Camilo and Evaluna, came into the world. Since then, there has been little information we have had about the little girl, since her parents keep everything in the strictest privacy. A few days after her birth, the artists let us see some photos of Indigo’s feet and her home birth accompanied by a beautiful text by Camilo in which he extolled his wife’s courage and assured that his daughter is ” a happy and curious girl.

    Since then, the social networks of both have been stopped, since they have given themselves a break to be able to fully enjoy the first days in the world of little Indigo as a family. Now they have given a fantastic gift to their millions of fans by posting on Evalun’s Instagram profileto a video of the happy dad dancing with his little girl in his arms and that has already melted the hearts of all those who have been able to see it. And you can’t miss it press ‘play’!

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    Camilo tied a blanket to hold Indigo in the most comfortable way while she is dancing in the garden of her house one of their songs. Although this time it is not about the topic that both dedicated to their daughter when they found out about the pregnancy, but about ‘stick’, that says: “I want to be by your side all day, close, close to you”. And so are father and daughter: very close. The proud mother does not appear in the video, but we can hear her touching laughin the background while recording his family in the yard and titled this video as: “The love of my life hit the love of my life.”

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