Evaluna’s new tattoo in honor of her daughter

Evaluna Montaner is experiencing one of the most beautiful and important stages of her life, in her role as a mother, since she found out that she was going to have a baby with Camilo Echeverry. The love of the couple grew little by little, they got married and then they welcomed their first daughter into the family whom they called Indigo.

Many of Evaluna’s glorious moments end in tattoos; like when the name of her husband was recorded forever and also that of her little girl. She now added a new tattoo to the list that reflects the present that she is going through with great happiness.

The 25-year-old singer and actress immortalized her new task on her skin and tattooed the words “Mother” (Mother, in Spanish) on her waist, in honor of her little daughter. Later, she shared the news with her followers on social networks and, showing off her new design, wrote: “Mother who gives birth.” At the same time, she said that she will be doing more designs.

“What a beautiful word, very nice tattoo”, “I love that you love this stage so much, it is the best of your life”; “That tattoo is the most beautiful of all”; “Nothing more beautiful than being a mom”; and “What a beautiful and powerful word, perfect to wear it tattooed”, were some of the comments and compliments that Ricardo Montaner’s daughter received.