Evelyn Labanda, the representative of Down syndrome on Ecuadorian TV, was invited to ‘Café CNN’ | People | Entertainment

With a big smile, the presenter of ‘Evelyn tells you’, segment of ‘From house to house’ by TC Television, Evelyn Labanda, sat down to talk to CNN Cafe, a program that considered her its special guest on Thursday, January 5. During this interview, the Ecuadorian made herself known to the world as the first reporter with this condition in the country.

“For me it is a great honor to be here in the program CNN CafeThank you very much for thinking of me. For me it is something very happy and I feel very happy for this invitation that they are giving me, “he said Evelyn who started this initiative during the quarantine and now sees the fruits of their hard work, internationally.

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Evelyn shared a bit with this channel, about How did this passion for television come about?. “I always dreamed of being a television presenter, I tell you that I am an advertising technologist, totally. As you know, advertising is part of communication,” said the reporter.

Evelyn She has already mentioned locally that she achieved this goal thanks to her great friend, Ursula Strenge. “She is my role model, I admire her a lot and thanks to her, my dream came true,” said the 27-year-old presenter. “She is a wonderful woman, with a great example (…) she has taught me her affection, her friendship and her trust. I want to be like her.”

Evelyn overcame barriers and achieved academic excellence

Although she did not say it on this occasion, the Guayaquil woman also recognizes her mother for her achievements. “My family has always been my great example, and especially my mother, who is my fundamental pillar. A great woman, a woman who gives all the best for me, ”she previously expressed in an interview with this newspaper.

Another thank you from Evelyn was directed towards God: “I want to thank God because he has always helped me to move forward with faith.” Among other plans of the TV personality, there is “doing an inclusive diploma, which is opening at a university in my country.” The Down syndrome advocate also commented that she is seeking financial independence from her.

The presenters of Coffee CNN they kept calling her ‘colleague’ and indicated that they would like to see her working in this segment, in the future. (AND)