“even to sing stupid… you have to have talent”

SONORA, MEXICO.- A new controversy surrounds the singer Christian Nodal after the statements he gave to the rolling stone magazinewhere he posed for the July cover.

And it is that the regional Mexican singer talked about how difficult his life was since he was a child, his suicide attempt and how his grandmother helped him in his life.

However, his comment about his point of view about the urban genre, and how the Mexican regional has “incredible lyrics” drew a lot of attention.

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Music is magical. And if you realize, everything is a cycle. Music is always a cycle because suddenly the regional comes back, suddenly pop comes back, reggaeton is a clear example of what happens, right? And yes, I think it’s very nice to maintain cultures, always keep our essence, our roots. The regional is a theme, it is a very beautiful genre that has incredible lyrics, melodies”, he mentioned.

Nodal assured that to record a musical theme many hours of work are required, he also mentioned that to sing bullshit you have to have talent, so he mentioned a phrase from “Safaera”Puerto Rican theme Bad Bunny.

I also respect all genres, but sometimes I do know that even to sing stupid*s and say stupid*s you have to have talent. It would never have occurred to me to write something like, ‘If your boyfriend doesn’t suck your ass…, why don’t he suck’, but you have to have the talent to do it”, he expressed.

However, his comment did not end there because he said that he feels very comfortable with his musical genre and would not have the same feeling in interpreting other genres.

I wouldn’t feel proud singing other things and that’s why this culture has to continue, because it’s the beauty of life. Sure, brands, singing about drugs, singing about clothes, that’s fine, but that’s not what life is about. Not all the time you can live partying. I really like the message that my genre gives, it is very attached to reality. It is a very kind genre“, he claimed.

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He added: “It’s not that you want those people to do badly, it’s simply to raise awareness, because to speak clearly, there is music for everything (…) even to make music and lyrics by Raye, well you have to have talent. But my problem is because that which has no content, which does not have a positive message in your life, is valued much more. And they have the reflectors, the spotlights, and the attention that people who do compose, sing, and have spent time should have.”.

Also, the interpreter “Bottle after bottle” He said that right now music is like “fast food.” “The way to consume is crazy. A world hit doesn’t last as long as it did before. We can talk about various themes of songs that have been gigantic and I bet you, brother, that you don’t even remember the lyrics anymore (…) things don’t go like that. You have to appreciate art, you have to value art, you have to take art with a lot of love, with a lot of respect”.