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After having a great debut at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, by winning the host country 2-0, our beloved National Team is ready to face a powerful rival: the Netherlands. Considering the time of the game (11:00), many venues, businesses, and shopping centers have prepared to receive the fans with music, promotions, gastronomy, and fun: Here are some options, Let’s go Selection! If possible!


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The best Grill & Bar in Ecuador has prepared 3 new and delicious dishes: Table Pork Belly Chicharrón (photo), Triple Dipper Stadium and Monterey Chicken Sandwich; at their Chili’s Stadium. Thus, it offers an incredible environment to enjoy all the World Cup matches with exquisite cuisine to share with family and friends; besides his famous happy hour which consists of a 2 for 1 in beers, cocktails and margaritas, from 10:00 to 20:00. Its new opening hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. In addition, it has a home delivery service through Super Easy, Rappi and WhatsApp (0999576100).


Ihop invites you to enjoy this essential meeting between our Tri and the Ihop team. What better than waking up screaming goal with their best and varied dishes in their stores on the road to the coast, Ceibos, Entre Ríos, El Dorado and Riocentro Quito. The best part is that you can enjoy their delicacies from 07:00. Its famous pancakes, delicious omelettes, entrees and iconic hashbrowns wait for you!

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Riocentro Shopping

Both in Los Ceibos and Riocentro Norte, Sur and Entre Ríos have prepared great surprises for this game that will be quite an event. Each of the shopping centers will have giant screens in their food courts so that fans can enjoy the match in the best atmosphere, as well as beautiful decorations and special promotions.

Aunt Square

A true party has been prepared in its commercial squares: Plaza Tía La Joya, Plaza Tía El Maestro, Plaza Tía Central, Plaza Tía Bastión Popular and Plaza Tía Durán, where giant screens and televisions are installed. New exclusive promotions are launched for this important meeting among other fun activities.

Hilton Colon Guayaquil

This match will be broadcast on giant screens in the Isabela and Foyer rooms. For this, Hilton Colón Guayaquil has prepared a spectacular gastronomic option, there is also El del Rincón del Hincha with typical food, desserts and more. There will be music, prizes and lots of fun. Tickets are on sale at the lobby of the hotel. Reports to 5010000 ext. 2093 or cell phone 0987598810.

mall of the sun

This shopping center has its large screen in the food court ready to enjoy the emotions of this important game, and also the fans will be able to taste the delicacies that the patio offers. The Pásala Mundial promotion was also implemented until December 18, which consists of interacting on social networks with the World Cup cock, with which customers can have fun and win professional soccer balls. Mall del Sol, during November, will open from 09:00.

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San Marino Shopping

The meeting between the Tri and the Netherlands will be broadcast in restaurants, food courts and the Food Hall that have prepared beautiful decorations in honor of the Selection. In addition, the Food Hall will have food and beverage promotions, with instant prize wheel such as official Tri jerseys and soccer balls.

south mall

In this shopping center located on av. 25 de Julio has a giant 3 x 2 m screen in its food court so that all visitors can enjoy both the preview and the match between Ecuador and the Netherlands. Also, fans will be able to enjoy different activities related to the king of sports.