Everything about the star wedding of the year

The two have been a couple since 2019 and look very much in love in every picture they take together: Beckham offspring and photographer Brooklyn and his fiancée, actress Nicola Peltz.

Dream wedding in April

That’s why it didn’t come as a complete surprise when the two announced their engagement. Now there should already be a date for the couple’s wedding. The British media are talking about April 9th. And on this occasion, no expense should be spared. How convenient that the groom’s parents, Victoria and David, are a wealthy ex-footballer and a designer.

Very much in love: Brooklyn and Nicola

But Nicola’s parents are also extremely well-heeled. Papa Nelson is even called a billionaire, so it seems to be one step ahead in terms of wealth.

Everything about the wedding of the year

  • The place: In a luxury estate in Florida with 27 (!) bedrooms, marriage vows are to be exchanged. Thousands of flowers should serve as decoration, romantic (violin) music could be heard from everywhere.
  • The dress: Nicola recently jetted to Rome to try on two dresses by luxury Italian designer Valentino. It’s meant to be a fairytale robe that Nicola wears to say yes to her Brooklyn. Later she is said to wear a dress by her mother-in-law and designer Victoria…
  • The guests: The high society of Hollywood and London should be on the guest list for the wedding. Including models like Gigi Hadid, actresses like Nicole Richie or Eva Longoria.
  • The photo deal: According to British media reports, Vogue will exclusively report on Nicola and Brooklyn’s wedding, including a beautiful photo series!