“Everything is calculated”: the surprising revelation of Stéphane Plaza on his sex life

The host gave some amazing details about his sex life on the show “Les Grosses têtes” on Monday May 9, 2022.

Stéphane Plaza is not the reserved type. On Instagram, the host has more than once exhibited himself in the simple device. Remember in particular this video where he danced, unleashed, at the edge of the swimming pool… On his private life, the famous real estate agent has little more restraint. Guest of the program “Les Grosses têtes” Monday May 9, 2022, Stéphane Plaza delivered himself without blush.

While talking about his role as ambassador of the Paris Fair, the host confided that he could not “not look at the hostesses”. “But doesn’t the ambassador shoot a little sometimes?”asked Bernard Mabille. “Never! At 51 now you know I have to plan the thing, he said. If I haven’t taken the pill before, I can’t shoot anymore. And if you take it when you don’t, you sleep on the crutch and it’s very boring. From a certain age, everything is calculated and that’s where I am.”

Surprised by these secrets, Laurent Ruquier asked for confirmation: “Isn’t that true?! You have to take Viagra Mr. Plaza?”. And the interested party to answer: “Well yes, as long as I don’t sleep with you I’m not excited anymore. Now I calculate everything.”Stéphane Viagra we will call him now”joked Laurent Ruquier. “You ask me questions, I answer you. You know I have a lot of worries”, explained Stéphane Plaza. The facilitator specified that he swallowed a viagra pill approximately two hours before the act, and that he sometimes took two.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-tout-est-calcule-la-surprenante-revelation-de-stephane-plaza-sur-sa-vie-sexuelle-1375415.aspx