Evidence of separation from Julienco

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Evidence of separation from Julienco
Is that really Bianca Claßen, aka Bibisbeautypalace, kissing another man here? This image haunts TikTok. © TikTok / Instagram bibisbeautypalace

The indications of a separation at Bibisbeautypalace are increasing. Now a kissing picture is circulating on TikTok that shows Bianca Claßen, aka Bibisbeautypalace, with a strange man at the train station. Is this proof of the separation from husband Julian Classen?

Update May 20, 1:45 p.m.: This video is making the blood of many fans freeze in their veins. “Simply no” is the name of the 28-second clip on TikTok, which causes an earthquake among the fans of Bianca and Julian Classen. Julian is now finally putting an end to the rumors about the separationas reported by RUHR24.

Bibisbeautypalace: Is that really her? Kiss picture from the train station with one of her followers

In the video, a woman who looks like Bibisbeautypalace can be seen at the train station. She kisses a man with a beard who is obviously not Julienco. However, it is completely unclear whether these recordings are authentic or fake. The kissing picture causes a storm of indignation among the fans of the influencer couple. Because: The TikTok video shows a follower of Bianca who looks the same as the stranger the woman kisses in the video.

Real or staged action? Speculations about separation continue

“Somehow I don’t believe that,” writes Lauraa on TikTok under the scenes. “I don’t think so until one of the two comments on it,” comments Lea-Christin. The comments explode, the speculation about a possible separation between Bianca and Julian Classen does not stop. Also conceivable: A well-staged PR campaign by the two to get more attention.

First report from May 18th: Cologne – They were long considered the dream couple among the top influencers. But now everything seems to be over between Bibi Claßen (29) and her husband Julian (29).

After a network break: Bibi Claßen is back

It had been suspiciously quiet on the couple’s respective social media channels for the past few weeks. Bibi and Julian, who have been married to each other for almost four years and have two children together, share intimate insights into their lives with their community on a daily basis. Many of their more than 13.5 million followers on Instagram were already worried and speculated about a possible love crisis.

Now the indications of a separation of the former dream couple are growing. In her latest Instagram story, Bibi is very relaxed when she goes shopping. But instead of their clothes, their fans only have eyes for the 29-year-old’s hand.

Bibi Classen no longer wears her wedding ring

Because with the mirror selfies in the changing room you can clearly see: Bibi no longer wears her wedding ring. For many fans, clear evidence of the end of their marriage. Because it is more than unlikely that a media professional like Bibi Claßen simply forgot the ring.

While Bibi goes ringless shopping Julian also makes a cryptic statement on Instagram: “I don’t know if I’m ready to continue posting here as usual.” That doesn’t exactly sound like romantic happiness. But Bibi and Julian Claßen are not the only celebrities whose marriage seems to be over. Jörg Pilawa surprisingly announced his marriage after 16 years. Sources used: instagram.com/bibisbeautypalace, instagram.com/julienco