Ex-candidate provides love surprise on the red carpet

Benjamin Piwko was a participant in 2019 "let's dance" and finished third.

Benjamin Piwko was a participant in “Let’s Dance” in 2019 and finished third.null / TVNOW / Gregorowius

At the premiere of the TV series “Herzogpark”, martial artist and actor Benjamin Piwko and his partner actress Felicitas Woll appeared publicly as a couple for the first time.

Piwko is known to a wide audience thanks to his participation in the twelfth season of the popular TV dance show “Let’s Dance”. The deaf martial artist wowed fans in 2019. Contrary to all expectations, he even made it into the final and took a sensational third place alongside professional dancer Isabel Edvardsson.

Benjamin Piwko and Felicitas Woll at the premiere of "Herzogpark".

Benjamin Piwko and Felicitas Woll at the premiere of “Herzogpark”.Sven Simon / imago images

Benjamin Piwko: In 2021 he made his love public

Ever since his dancing successes, there has been constant speculation about the athlete’s love life. Felicitas Woll was also part of the speculation. However, there was no statement from the two until the love posting last summer: With a selfie together on Instagram, the two finally shared their love with fans and put an end to the guesswork.

In any case, your followers were very happy about the love outing: “You are a wonderful couple. CONGRATS you two loves” and “Such a beautiful couple. Good luck to you both” were just two of the countless congratulations in the comments.

Benjmain Piwko and Felicitias Woll: family happiness for three

And as if that wasn’t enough: the 43-year-old and his girlfriend are already parents. In 2018 they celebrated the birth of a daughter together. Here, too, it was not without the necessary secrecy. Because only in 2021, three years later, Piwko proudly announced: “Yes, we have a wonderful daughter.”

And now the couple surprised fans and reporters visibly in love and turtle on the red carpet. It is an appearance of a rare kind, because otherwise Piwko and Woll prefer to stay completely out of the limelight and enjoy their privacy as a family.


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