Ex-DSDS star Menowin Fröhlich has to go to prison

Since participating in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, Menowin Fröhlich (34) has regularly made headlines. The musician, who has numerous criminal records, has been battling his drug and alcohol addiction for over 11 years. The DSDS star got into conflict with the law several times and was convicted for his actions.

Now the verdict has been made in criminal proceedings for drunk driving that have been ongoing since 2019. The family man has to go to prison for a year and two months – without parole, as reported by RTL. According to information from the broadcaster, Menowin had hoped to escape jail. The verdict is correspondingly devastating for him.

In the video above you can see what Menowin said about his friend’s death Willi Herren († 45) said: “I don’t want it to end like him.”

Ex-DSDS star Menowin Fröhlich: According to the court, the prognosis is “not positive”

According to the information, there was no suspended sentence because the singer’s prognosis was “not positive” according to the court. The verdict was even two months higher because there was another penalty order from Wuppertal against Menowin for fraud.

So far, the singer’s life seems to have hardly known any everyday life. Ups and downs follow each other closely. Menowin celebrated his greatest success to date in April 2010 with his 2nd place in the RTL casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. At that time he was cheered by the fans, and was even considered the winner of hearts for some. Subsequent song releases made it into the German charts and the now 33-year-old made appearances in other TV formats, for example in 2015 on “Promi Big Brother” and in 2019 in the “Sommerhaus der Stars”.