Ex-employees of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reveal the nightmare of working with them

LONDON ENGLAND.– As a “narcissistic sociopath” was considered the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, by his former employees kensington palace who even call themselves the Survivor Club.

As revealed by those affected to the writer ValentineLow, who wrote Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown) they suffered from the tyranny of the former American actress in the years she was living under the Royal family.

was the diary The Sun the one who got some “explosive” excerpts from the book detailing the nasty behavior of Meghan and her husband, the prince harry.

“Everyone knew that the institution would be judged on their happiness. The mistake they made was thinking that she wanted to be happy. She wanted to be rejected, because she was obsessed with that narrative from day one,” mentioned one of the former staff members.

Also, many of them argued that the Sussexes planned their exit from the monarchy from the beginning and that the harassment of the press was not the real reason for their departure or the indifference of the family.

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The writer described an alleged incident in which the American lashed out at an employee in front of other people by saying, “Don’t worry. If there was literally someone else I could ask to do this, I would ask them instead of you.”

Apparently, William, who also lived in the Palace, comforted the woman and told that employee that she was doing her job well.

Likewise, other people recounted that Meghan verbally attacked the employees on numerous occasions and did not answer the phone when they tried to communicate.

The writer claimed that one staff member was “completely gutted” by her experience working for the Sussexes.

A former royal aide said of the couple: “Every 10 minutes she and Harry were yelling at me. It was: ‘I can’t believe you did this. You have let me down. What were you thinking?’” (…) it lasted for a couple of hours”.

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It is for these actions that they called themselves the “Sussex Survivors Club and even revealed that after the couple resigned from their royal positions they called Meghan “narcissistic psychopath”

The members of the “Survivors Club” they included Samantha Cohenwho had been personally asked by Queen Elizabeth II to step in as the couple’s private secretary and who worked for the Sussexes from their wedding in May 2018 until the end of their tour of South Africa in September 2019, and Sarah Latham, who was in charge of communications. Others included the deputy press secretary Marnie Gaffney.

In another excerpt from the book, the palace press officer, Jason Knaufallegedly wrote an email in 2018 to the private secretary of the prince william about the “very serious problems” they had for Markle’s behavior.

So Harry and Meghan were asked to have a better touch with employees and treat them with more respect to which she would have replied: “It’s not my job to pamper people.”

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