Ex-profile boss Christian Rainer thrown out of the local

After an argument with his regular hosts in Ebensee, the outgoing ”Profil” publisher and editor-in-chief was rudely kicked out of the restaurant.

After more than two decades at the head of “Profil”, Christian Rainer announced at the end of last year that he would retire at the age of 61. Not even fully settled into the boarding house, he himself becomes a topic of media conversation: According to media reports, Rainer was thrown out of his favorite bar in Ebensee, the “Himmel” inn, and banned from the house.

The native of Gmundner was actually a welcome regular guest in “Himmel”. What happened? About two weeks ago, there was said to be a heated discussion between Rainer and the landlord Roland Heiss in the restaurant – the topic was therefore Ebensee’s Nazi past. While Rainer pleaded for an active culture of remembrance of the dark times, the restaurateur wanted to finally let the past rest.

The discussion continued to degenerate, and it is said that there were even shouting duels. The evening ended for Rainer, who was out with friends, with a rude ejection: the landlord grabbed his tie and threw him out of “heaven”.

According to unconfirmed reports from witnesses, however, that was not all: there were also said to be kicks and punches in the dispute.

In any case, Rainer is silent about the incident. In any case, he won’t be entering the restaurant again anytime soon: he was banned from entering the premises.