Ex-stewardess Eva Benetatou unpacks about sex on the plane

Eva Benetatou is known from various reality TV shows such as “The Bachelor”, “Summer House of the Stars” or “Celebrity Big Brother”. Before she gave up her professional career for trash television, the 30-year-old worked as a flight attendant. In a question and answer session on Instagram, she chatted about her time as a stewardess out of the box.

Eva Benetatou: “It doesn’t work at all”

When one of her approximately 232,000 followers wants to know whether she caught passengers having sex at the time, she is in a chatting mood. “Oh yes,” she writes. And reveals: “The passengers always think nobody will notice on the long-haul because everyone is sleeping, but we have patrols every 15-30 minutes and I’ve caught someone in the toilet several times.”

But that’s not all. It has also happened that men have masturbated on their seat under the blanket. “Sorry folks, but that’s disgusting and doesn’t work at all,” Eva Benetatou clarifies. At first she didn’t know how to react because she was so ashamed of others, writes the mother of George Angelo, who will soon be a year old. “You can knock on the toilet several times, but the best thing to do is startle yourself on the seat?”

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Eva Benetatou herself has had sex on a plane

But she can’t take the toilet sex on board too badly from the passengers: because the ex-“Bachelor” candidate admits that things were already hot for her on the plane – both in the rest area for flight personnel and in the cockpit.

In the meantime, the native Greek has left the wild days as a stewardess behind: She prefers to travel around the world with her son George. She does not (officially) have a new man by her side after separating from Chris Broy.

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