Ex-tennis star behind bars: Becker’s first call from prison is …

Former tennis star behind bars
Becker’s first call from jail is…

Former tennis star Boris Becker has been in prison in London for almost a week. Little is known about his early days. According to a media report, however, he is said to have had the opportunity for a first telephone call shortly after his arrival. Who was at the top of the list?

Germany’s tennis idol Boris Becker has been in prison since last Friday. The 54-year-old was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in London. He is housed in Wandsworth Prison, which is known for its poor condition. Little is known about his first days behind bars. However, Becker is said to have had the opportunity to make phone calls to the outside world twice, like they did “Bild” newspaper reported. But who did he call first?

According to the report, Becker’s first call was to his current partner, Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro. Accordingly, he is said to have received a phone card with a limited balance on his arrival in prison. The phone call with the 33-year-old is said to have lasted about ten minutes, as the newspaper claims to have learned. Becker is said to have called his mother Elvira Becker on Sunday. Because of her advanced age, she is said to be concerned that she will not see her son again, the report says, referring to those around the 86-year-old.

In the meantime, Becker is said to have had a visit: According to another report by “Bild” newspaper His girlfriend Lilian is said to have visited him for the first time almost a week after he entered prison. She is said to have initially made a mistake in the entrance, according to the report. A judicial employee then pointed her in the right direction.

After his imprisonment, Becker faces deportation

Becker was convicted because, according to the court, he concealed assets in his bankruptcy proceedings. However, he could be transferred from Wandsworth to a lower-security facility in the near future. After the first part of his detention, he could also be released on parole, the judge had decided.

After his imprisonment, Becker is theoretically threatened with deportation to Germany, according to the British newspaper “Guardians” reported with reference to the Ministry of the Interior. “Every foreigner who has been sentenced to imprisonment for a crime will be deported at the earliest opportunity,” a spokesman for the ministry told the newspaper. However, Becker could challenge the deportation in court. Becker has lived in his adopted home of London for around ten years, but does not have British citizenship.