Ex-“Unter Uns” star Tobias Licht: Accident burdens him: He ran over his son with a lawn mower

Ex-“Unter Uns” star Tobias Licht (44) and his wife Nora Huetz (36) live with their four-year-old son Carl on a horse farm in Brandenburg. Actually, one would think that such a rural idyll would be perfect for raising a child. But in the “Dietz and Dads” podcast, the actor has now said that there are dangers lurking in the country for small children and what a traumatic experience he is still burdened with today.

Tobias Licht was suddenly unemployed

“We had a serious accident that happened from a moment of failure on my part, where I just wasn’t there,” Tobias Licht recalled the bad situation according to “vip.de” and told what happened two years ago. After losing his job at the Hamburg theater due to the corona pandemic, the actor wanted to take care of the children. He also wanted to do gardening to banish the gloomy thoughts that were going through his head at the time. He was constantly pondering: “Job gone. What happens now?”

Ex-“Unter Uns” star Tobias Licht: Son fell under the lawn mower

In order to reconcile childcare and gardening, Tobias Licht put his almost two-year-old son on his lap to trim the lawn with the ride-on mower. But at some point the little one must have climbed off the machine unnoticed and got his leg under the machine. “At that moment, everything could have happened from … to …” the actor describes the dramatic situation in an interview with podcast host André Dietz (47). To this day he blames himself.

Tobias Licht’s son survived the accident well

Luckily, Carl survived the accident well. The four-year-old is fine today. But his father learned from the experience and always keeps a watchful eye on the little one when he plays on the horse farm: “You can’t let a four-year-old run around on the premises unobserved. That’s not possible,” Tobias Licht clarifies.