EXCLUDED. Flora Coquerel: why she did not want to rub shoulders with the Misses at any price

Before being crowned Miss France 2014, Flora Coquerel was not a big fan of the Misses. So much that she did not want to rub shoulders with them, as she reveals in your Closer magazine – on newsstands this Friday, May 6.

There are those for whom becoming Miss France is a lifelong dream. And those who access it a bit by chance. Like Diane Leyre, Flora Coquerel belongs to this second category. It was on December 7, 2013 that the life of young Flora Coquerel, then 19 years old, changed. The sublime Miss Orleans was crowned by Marine Lorphelin after a long and stressful ceremony. “I don’t know what’s going on“, she confessed, amazed, at the microphone of Jean-Pierre Foucault a few seconds after her coronation. However, this adventure, Flora Coquerel almost never lived it. And for good reason, she frankly did not want to rub shoulders with this universe.

Far from the beauty contest, Flora Coquerel had other dreams. “Small, I dreamed of becoming a stylist because I always liked to draw“, she explains to us during an interview to be found in your magazine Closer, on newsstands this Friday, May 6. And to outbid: “At home, we never watched the Miss France election evening“. So much that the young woman had a preconceived idea of ​​the candidates for the title. “I even had some prejudices about the girls who showed up there. I imagined them full of themselves and malevolent“, she explains. Nevertheless, against all odds, she took the plunge and decided to try her luck by standing in the regional elections. “Despite my completely stupid preconceptions, I signed up for Miss Orléanais out of curiosity for behind the scenes and to learn a little more about fashion…

How Flora Coquerel’s prejudices about Misses were shattered

And the least we can say is thatshe did well to disregard her received ideas. In a snap of a finger, his prejudices waltzed away. “I was lucky to have a great promo with extra girls“, she assures, before revealing: “We went to Sri Lanka for the preparation trip and we lived it like a summer camp“. In addition to the regional Misses, her coronation allowed Flora Coquerel to forge unbreakable bonds with the other lucky ones. It is indeed not uncommon to see her alongside her predecessors and successors. She even rubbed shoulders with Miss Universe who have, for once, the reputation of being less benevolent with each other.

This election was no longer a summer camp at all“, she confirms to us. And to recognize: “I did not compare myself to the other candidates because for some, Miss Universe is a life goal. In some countries, particularly in Latin America and Asia, girls are formatted from an early age. They resort to cosmetic surgery to put the odds on their side. In France, the mentality is different and much healthier“. Nevertheless, that did not prevent her from being ranked third runner-up at Miss Universe 2015. If beauty contests have allowed her to become an influencer, Flora Coquerel also flourishes through her humanitarian association Kelina, which has inaugurated a first maternity hospital in a village in Benin, which is a source of great pride for the 28-year-old young woman.

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