EXCLUDED. Gérald Darmanin: how Laura Smet’s legacy war “saved” him

Gérald Darmanin is the subject of a book, the President’s Black Baron in which the authors return to the way in which Laura Smet saved him. Your Closer magazine – on newsstands this Friday, March 25 – reveals the good news.

Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin is often described as having long teeth. A character close to the president who intrigued the journalists Laurent Valdiguié and François Vignolle who will publish on March 31 a book dedicated to Emmanuel Macron’s minister, entitled Gérald Darmanin, the President’s Black Baron (Ed. Robert Laffont), and whose magazine Closer – on newsstands this Friday, March 24 – reveals an extract from the good sheets. In this book, the authors explore his childhood, his cracks, his nudges of destiny but also his court cases. Since 2017, he has been the subject of accusations of rape and harassment as well as abuse of weakness. Cases for which the minister – who was never dismissed by Emmanuel Macron or his Prime Minister – was indicted and for which he finally received a dismissal.

Above all, he was Safe” in the media by Nicolas Hulot and Laura Smet, as Laurent Valdiguié and François Vignolle remind us. It all dates back to February 12, 2018 when Gérald Darmanin was heard by the police in the context of the complaint filed by Sophie Patterson. An audition whose character was exceptional to say the least. However, despite the seriousness of the accusation, this hearing did not benefit from much media coverage. In question ? At the same time, another government figure was then in the spotlight in another sexual matter : Nicolas Hulot. The Minister of Ecological Transition ended up resigning a few months later, in August 2018, and since then has been the subject of numerous other accusations of sexual assault and rape.

Gérald Darmanin benefited from a great diversion

But on February 12, 2018, it’s also the date on which Laura Smet decided to reveal that Johnny Hallyday disinherited her. “On this Monday morning, while the minister is discreetly interviewed by the police, Le Figaro publishes a posthumous letter from Laura Smet to her father, who died in December 2017“, write the two journalists. They point to a particularly interesting fact: “But the lawyer [de Gérald Darmanin, Pierre-Olivier Sur, ndlr] is also the advice [de Laura Smet, ndlr]. Diversion – flight? – is masterful“. And to continue: “That day, the judicial hostilities begin with fanfare at the Hallydays. Guaranteed blast effect on non-stop news channels“. Perfect timing. It is indeed difficult to deny the extent that the Hallyday legacy affair has taken on in the media, and this for many months, eclipsing the rest of the news items. Gérald Darmanin can therefore thank Laura Smet.

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