EXCLUDED – Kendji Girac, sweet dad: “I want to leave my daughter enough to live a good life”

At 25, Kendji Girac discovers the joys of fatherhood. During an exchange with Nikos Aliagas for Galaon newsstands this Thursday, July 7, the singer confided in his life as a father.

At 25, Kendji Girac has already lived several lives. The one on the roads with her gypsy family, in the spotlight thanks to the show The Voicein front of the cameras in the TV movie Champion from TF1 and now with a little Eva Alba in her arms. star dad, the singer is above all a sugar daddy worried about the future of the one-and-a-half-year-old girl. With the arrival in the world of her first child, it is his whole life that was turned upside down. “My only objective: leave my daughter enough to live a good life. Like mine”, he confides to Nikos Aliagas for Gala, on newsstands this Thursday, July 7. This goes through “equipment”but also “by human” and the transmission of the values ​​that I myself received from my parents“.

If he thinks about the future of his daughter, Kendji Girac does not forget his loved ones whom he wants to protect from need: “I also work for leave what is necessary for my family, my nephews, my nieces. So that they all have a wonderful future. That they lack nothing”. The flagship host of TF1 who accompanied him from shadow to light, who saw him “to become an artist, man and star”is surprised: “You talk like a patriarch when you’re only 25“. “Yes, but we all protect each other. My big brother watches over me like I do toounderlines Kendji Girac devoted to his family and his public.

Kendji Girac “perfectionist” to make his father “proud” of him

And that comes through work. “The culture of work has been ingrained in me since I was very young. My father passed on this value to me, which is invaluable”explains the young man describing himself as “perfectionist” : “I want him (his father, editor’s note) to be proud of me and that the public appreciates what I do for them. We work a lot so that the public likes us. We are perfectionists and we never complain”. An exchange, which he concludes: “I think we’re on the same page, you and I, Nikos, aren’t we? Our fathers showed us the example to follow“.

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