EXCLUDED – Mylène Farmer, friend with George Clooney: “Hollywood is another planet”

Mylene Farmer and George Clooney. It is a friendship little known to the general public, as improbable as it is surprising. In the magazine Gala, on newsstands this March 10, the icon of French song unravels the mystery. Exclusive confidences.

As rare as desired, as eccentric as essential for nearly 40 years, Mylène Farmer was self-evident for embody the number 1500 of Gala, a great reflection on celebrity, on newsstands this Thursday, March 10. The word “star” is not overused, as far as she is concerned. Even though she prefers “the gratitude” of his work, to the cult of his person. Even though she stays secret about his life, far from the spotlight and the stadiums where he is acclaimed. She’s a loner. But not a misanthrope. Friendsloyal, respectful its ups and downsthe singer has more than one. Some more famous than others. This is particularly the case of Vincent Lindon, whom she met before marrying success. Some world famous. This is the case … of George Clooney, with whom she became friends in the middle of the 90s.

“It’s sexy the sky of California”sings Mylène in Californiaone of his standards inspired by his retirement in Los Angelesafter the failure of Giorginoher first film shot with her accomplice Laurent Boutonnat, in 1994. These months of exile enabled her, she says, to rediscover “anonymity”, “an almost too normal life”, between driving lessons and great baths of American music broadcast on the radio. In LA, however, the stars sometimes descend from the sky. And when they have the features of George Clooney, we imagine the heartbeat. “I met him at a dinner. We exchanged a few words. The evening was simple, pleasant. We had a good laugh”, says Mylène. Before qualifying: Hollywood is kind of fun. But it’s another planet. American stars have as much power as responsibility. George Clooney is a committed actor, aware of his time.”

Reunion of Mylène Farmer and George Clooney, in Paris, in 2002, almost 10 years after their first meeting in Los Angeles.
© AbacaReunion of Mylène Farmer and George Clooney, in Paris, in 2002, almost 10 years after their first meeting in Los Angeles.

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Mylène Farmer, soon to be an actress again? “There are some interesting things”

If fear is not “not an engine” for Mylene, she is wary for her part of the term “influencer”. Despite his detailed songs, his studied looks, his sought-after sources of inspiration. I don’t have that claimshe cuts. I express myself through my texts, simply hoping that they will touch those who listen to them. It’s a matter of emotion, skin, flesh and blood.” She returned to the cinema, being part of the cast of the film Ghostlandreleased in 2018. But she passed up other feature film opportunities in the 90s. He was also offered an international singing career. But she didn’t respond. Without regrets.

“It’s my freedom. My choices have always been conscious, so I’m calm with it allassures Mylène. I love words too much to be unfaithful to the French language.” On the subject of cinema, a door opens ajar: Of course, I read the scripts sent to me. There are some interesting things. I also study series projects. This format has evolved so much since the advent of platforms. This is remarkable”enthuses the icon.

Find our full interview with Mylène Farmer and our 9 pages of exclusive shooting by Marcel Hartmann in Gala magazine, on newsstands this Thursday, March 10.

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