EXCLUDED. “Too anxious”: Chimène Badi strongly reconsiders her choice not to have children

During an exclusive interview with Closer, the singer Chimène Badi confided in her private life and in particular her decision concerning the children.

On the occasion of the release of his new album – January 20, 2023 – which pays tribute to one of his idols, Edith Piafand soberly titled Chimene sings Piaf, the one who came out of anonymity thanks to the show Popstars confides in our colleagues from Closer. The singer talks about her career and in particular her decision to record an album with covers of Edith Piaf, but Chimène Badi also returned to much more personal aspects of her life. Indeed at just over 40 years old, the artist has no children and explained his choice, which was made “not out of a sense of incapacity, rather out of a sense of responsibility“. However, that does not prevent her from living in a fulfilled family in which she has a place that fully satisfies her.

My maternal instinct means that I take care of my nephews a lot and that would move mountains for them.“. However, Chimène Badi has awareness of one’s limitations, a rare strength that encouraged her to think carefully about this decision. To Closer, she continues: “But I’m just beginning to feel solid. Too anxious, I wouldn’t have known how to give arms to a child, teach him to become independent and carefree”. This choice also allowed him to devote himself to another pillar in his life, his love for music. “I found meaning elsewhere than in motherhood. It is an immense pleasure to pursue my career, to publicize important causes, but also to leave the light to spend time with my loved ones…”.

Chimène Badi: “I haven’t had my heart beating so much for a very long time”

And on the light side, Chimène Badi will have plenty to do. The singer is preparing to go on tourbut also to turn 18e Olympia on January 22. “I haven’t had my heart beating so much in a very long time.” she admitted facing the prospect of to perform again in this mythical place. But she seems more than ever ready to reinterpret classic titles known to all and, at the same time, pay tribute to a cult singer through a dedicated album. “It’s an absolute honor because I perform twelve titles by my idol, the one who rocked my young years, who made me want to do this job, instilled the courage to go on stage…”. Notice to fans therefore, Chimène Badi will be on tour from January 22, 2023 everywhere in France.

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