EXCLUDED VIDEO – Brigitte Macron spoiled by her husband: “With him, life has always had surprises in store for me”

Brigitte Macron is very caring for her husband daily. She also does not hesitate to face criticism he may suffer and to defend him. In recent weeks, the first French lady has expressed herself more in the media. If his goal is to promote the Yellow Pieces operation, which she wears as president of the Hospital Foundation, she willingly answers questions about her husband, Emmanuel Macron. guest in RTL Morning on RTL, according to an extract which will be broadcast this Wednesday, January 25, Brigitte Macron spoke in particular about the after Élysée. A future that remains very vague for her.

When the journalist Amandine Begot asked her how she saw her husband’s post-presidency, for her as for him, Brigitte Macron replied: “I can’t imagine it. I don’t know what he will do. And with him, life has always had many surprises in store for me. It’s the least we can say”.

“He is basically what he has always been”

Any surprises? But what kind of surprises? Good or bad? To these questions, she somewhat kicked in touch. “I do not qualify. But surprises… That didn’t change him. He’s basically what he’s always been.”

However, one can legitimately wonder if she is not in a hurry his life, also punctuated by the social and economic crises that the country is going through, is calming down. On this plan, she thinks above all of the French, and a little less to her. “I would so much like France to be well… I love this country so much. […] I really want her to feel good…”

Waiting for 2027, end of her husband’s second presidential termon a private level, Brigitte Macron will have to make do with small daily pleasures, such as sharing her breakfasts with him, and the few moments they have in common between her first lady diary and that of President of the Republic.

Brigitte Macron’s full interview will be broadcast on RTL in RTL MorningAmandine Bégot’s show, this Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

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