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Nearing his 50th birthday, Juanes embrace the satisfactions of Origin and his present is fully enjoyed, but with an eye on the future, in anticipation of his new studio album, in which he delves into new depths at the level of lyrics and sound.

“I’m very excited. It’s a very important album for me, especially because I had the time to work calmly. He was always on tour, traveling and composing in between all the trips. On the other hand, in this case of the pandemic, it was a time of total confinement, I had the time to start studying, to start composing with the tranquility that I did not have many years ago… It is an album with a lot of weight, at a deep level of lyrics and even musically too”, anticipated the Colombian singer-songwriter in an interview with THE SPOKESPERSON.

The artist still enjoys Origen (2021), an album in which he brought 12 songs by figures such as Carlos Gardel, Bob Marley, Joaquín Sabina and Juan Luis Guerra, among others, to pop rock, who marked his musical training. The proposal earned him the Grammy for best Latin rock or alternative album, as well as the Latin Grammy for album of the year.

“Origin was going back to childhood and remembering those songs that inspired me. So, as it served me a lot as a prelude to be able to make this new album, ”he detailed.

The confinement due to the pandemic, in addition to fueling his creative muse, gave him the opportunity to continue educating his artistic passions.

“I took advantage of the time of covid to start studying poetry, harmony, guitar, singing and I feel that all of that is in this new stage of this album, which has a bit of Caribbean elements, but also has many rock elements, of what my music has been, but in a different way… fresh perhaps”, added the winner of 26 Grammy Awards.

The production, made up entirely of unreleased tracks, should be available at some point in the year.

Happy with his reunion with the Puerto Rican public

A collaboration with Luis Fonsi is among the musician’s earrings.

“I don’t know if on this album, but I would definitely like to collaborate with him at some point. I’ve known Fonsi for many years —22 years I think— and he’s a super talented man, very loved… I’ve always had good chemistry with him. Someday we will come together in a song, ”said the Puerto Rican voice of A Dios le pido, with whom he recently coincided at the Coachella Music Festival in California.

Juanes and Fonsi

He coincided with Luis Fonsi at the Coachella Music Festival in California. >Supplied

Another aspect that excites Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez —the artist’s first name— is his reunion with the Puerto Rican public this Saturday, April 30, at Vivo Beach Club, as part of the eighth edition of the Greenfestwhich aims to collect the largest amount of recyclable materials and promote practices that have a positive impact on the environment.

“I love the idea of ​​being able to return to Puerto Rico. It is a place that I have many fond memories of. It’s been several years that I haven’t been. Now to return and in the context of the festival, it seems too wonderful to me, because I believe in the message of the environment, of recycling, of caring for the planet and of sending these messages through music, and that music is a channel, I it seems very powerful. I am super happy to return to the Isla del Encanto”, he stressed about the presentation he made prior to his tour of Europe.

The show entry pass is a ‘green bag’ earned by purchasing three or more participating Garnier brand products, including Garnier Fructis, Garnier Nutrisse, Garnier SkinActive and Garnier Green Labs lines. show the purchase receipt in the promotional visits and choose the day of the concert that will be attended. At the entrance, you must present your ‘green bag’ filled with type 1 and 2 plastic. The second function of the concert, on May 7, will feature the urban artist Lunay.

The initiative is part of the Greener Beauty program, through which the brand promotes laying the foundations in the beauty industry for increasingly sustainable practices. After the virtual celebration of the seventh edition in 2021, Garnier Green Fest collected over 1,000 pounds of recyclable material, for a total of approximately 52,000 thousand pounds in seven years.

Love, gratitude and good vibes

The philosophy of conservation and harmony with the environment, Juanes also captures it in the clothing line Agybowhich he developed together with his compatriot and colleague Fonseca, and whose motto is “love, gratitude and good vibes”.

“Clothes consumption is something that has to improve. Over time we are much more aware and we are on that path, ”she added.

Juanes and Xavier Cintron

It sponsors the studies at Berklee College of Music, in Boston, of the Puerto Rican cuatro player Xavier Cintrón. >Supplied

On the other hand, Juanes sponsored the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation’s Prodigy Scholarship last year, which allows Puerto Rican cuatro player Xavier Cintrón to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

“It gives me so much joy. He explained to Xavier and his parents that 30 years ago, when I was here in Medallín (Colombia), thinking about studying music was not an option. People thought that you couldn’t live off of that, much less have the option of going to study at Berkley… It was something very beautiful to be able to meet Xavier, because he also plays the typical instrument of Puerto Rico and to see how this man plays the instrument and the music that he is making, very advanced, but clinging to the Puerto Rican culture. That seemed super cool to me, to be able to give him the opportunity that I couldn’t have, ”he stressed.

Juanes established in 2006 the My Blood Foundation, which promotes social change using music and art as tools for lasting transformation, as well as peacebuilding. While in the midst of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Colombian joined Global Citizen in a social media initiative urging governments, businesses and individuals to help fund humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and other regions of the world.

For more details on the Garnier Green Fest, you can search for GarnierPR on Facebook or visit greenfestpr.com.

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