Explained ending of Pálpito, the successful Netflix series

“Pálpito” surprised everyone with the success and impact it generated after its premiere on Netflix. The story that revolves around organ trafficking managed to raise awareness in society and also exposed a subject that is rarely discussed in audiovisual productions.

At the end of this first season, Camila could be seen learning that the heart she received as a transplant (after a heart failure that affected her on her wedding day) belonged to Simón’s wife, murdered for this purpose.

On the other hand, the well-known photographer discovers that her fiancé Zacarías is involved in the criminal act, although apparently she will have to pay for something she did not do, when they handcuffed her, accusing her of the crime. For his part, Simón continues to investigate what happened to the love of his life, but with each new test that he finds, there are many obstacles that he must overcome.

Given the serious situation that involves her, Camila decides to talk to the police and blame her husband. After daring to do this, she moves to the city to start a new life, although Zacarías soon finds out about her. Meanwhile it seems that the love between the photographer and Simón is being born.

Taking into account that it was one of the most watched series worldwide, Pálpito will undoubtedly have a second season that could air in 2023.