Exponent Khaba presents his new single “Vudú”

The urban music exponent “Khaba” presented the single “Vudú”, the singer-songwriter and composer has more than 16 years of career demonstrating his talent in different types of genres such as rap, reggae, trap and reggaeton.

In “Vudú” the artist tells the story of a boy who fell in love with a young woman and is having it for the moment as time passes. On this occasion he chose the reggaeton line produced by IANM.

As a soloist he is known for the songs El viaje, Hágale, Morbus, Lloviendo and Don’t hang up on me. Which have had great acceptance in the Dominican Republic.

Khaba in his beginnings worked with Xnike, Bassbreaker (renowned producers in the urban world) and recently with Baby R. He belonged to different groups such as: Código De Área, V-Squat, Inkognita & Problema (duo).

Vudú was made by the director was Erre punto y coma (Erre Jiménez) and the photographic direction was Alex González.

More about Khaba

Miguel Nieves (Khaba) was born in the Dominican Republic, he is a young man from Villa Consuelo, his parents separated so he was raised by his grandparents who educated him and instilled values ​​and principles.

From a very young age he was always attracted to music, in his adolescence he began flirting with music, he began to write his first songs and rap, he spent time in the corridors of the school improvising with everyone who was a rapper.

What drives him to make music is the need to make the ideas that live in my head come true, the need to drain pain sometimes or love.

The premiere of the video will be this March 24 at 6:00 pm, the song is available on Spotify and YouTube digital platforms.