Exponent Onassis Templario premieres merengue

With his new musical cut entitled “Tu booty”, the musician and singer Onassis templario continues to give continuity to his musical career, betting on the mambo merengue of this time.

“Tu booty” is a Spanish version of the song “All about the bass”, written by Meghan Trainor & Kevin Kadish.

This song was adapted into Spanish by Onassis Templario himself, as well as the musical arrangement, achieving a merengue fusion with the colors of this time, to the taste of young people and adults and recorded at Manguera Studios, Lynn Mass & JH Global Music.

“Tu booty” is the fourth song of his new musical production and has a video clip recorded at the Salinas Hotel in Baní, under the direction of Johan Ureña (j24film) and is available on his YouTube channel.

“Granada”, “Un poco de” and “Por ti” are some of the merengues that Onassis Templario has previously recorded, with which he has become known both in his native Dominican Republic and in the United States, where he lives. .

Onassis Bernabel, the singer’s first name, was born in the Villa Majega sector, in the Baní municipality, Peravia province in the Dominican Republic and lives in New York, United States.

He has a long career as a saxophonist, participating in several groups, such as Aníbal Bravo, Joan Minaya, Koqui Acosta, among others; he has performed Latin jazz concerts, including one of his recordings “Tico Tico no fuba”, in Latin jazz.

In addition to the sax, Onassis is a pianist, clarinetist, singer, composer and arranger, who has worked in both merengue as well as Latin Jazz.

In his career, he also arranged for “Banda X”, “Serie 3”, “Banda El Reto”, the Puerto Rican Lidia Lebrón, among others.