Extremely devastated Penelope Menchaca says goodbye to 2022

Unfortunately, the famous host Penélope Menchaca said goodbye to 2022 devastated: “You took my child”, a revelation that undoubtedly caused great sadness among his followers.

That’s right, Penélope Menchaca burst into tears when saying goodbye to 2022, since the driver revived one of the most complicated moments she had to face, after last September, her little grandchildhe lost his life.

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The conduct participated in a dynamic of the program “Today”, in which they had to break a piñata, this to vent and recap about their experiences throughout 2022.

This is how when Penelope Menchaca’s turn came, the host could not help but break down in tears, monopolizing the spotlight of the entertainment world, as the viewers were moved by the words of the famous.

In this way, the beloved host Penélope Menchaca was completely devastated when talking about her 2022, since she admitted that it was the most complicated year of her life, this because of the loss of her grandson, who was 9 months old.

Penelope Menchaca went on to break the piñata as part of a dynamic on the “Hoy Día” program and was very angry, so her family had to live in 2022.


I’m mad at you because you made my girl mad and after all the suffering you took my boy.”

He said this by hitting the piñata and causing a commotion among his colleagues, with whom the driver had already talked about the difficult moment.

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