Extremely rare! Karine Le Marchand publishes a photo of the face of her daughter Alya, luminous

Karine Le Marchand shared a photo of her daughter Alya on Instagram on Monday April 25. A rare photo of her 19-year-old daughter.

Karine Le Marchand publishes a rare photo of his daughter. The host of M6 has unveiled the face ofAliya, 19 years old. A selfie photo taken by the young girl, who displays a big smile and directs her green eyes in the direction of the lens. The host of Love is in the meadow on M6 sent a tender declaration of love to his only daughter: “An inspiring, joyful world, where everyone can trace their own path, with the hope of finding their place. A world respectful of others, of the Earth and of animals… A world where ‘To love’ and ‘to be loved ‘ can be the ambition of a lifetime. This is the world of tomorrow that I want for my daughter, my sunshine.

Internet users expressed their surprise to see a photo of the young girl who has grown well: “Very very rare to see her….kiss her very hard”, “Your daughter is beautiful Karine, like her mother!”, “As beautiful as her mother.” This is not the first photo that Karine Le Marchand sharing, but the most recent. Indeed, the host had previously released some photos of her daughter as a child. It must be said that she has always made it a point of honor to protect her clan from the spotlight.

The revelations of Karine Le Marchand on the dad

In the columns of Gala, Karine Le Marchand made some revelations about the reasons for his breakup with the father of his daughter. She had already explained that her daughter’s father was now living abroad. I separated from her father when my daughter was the same age as me when my mother separated from mine. But it wasn’t my doing. In any case, what is certain is that I was extremely happy raising my daughter alone. This fusion, even if I didn’t want it, I loved it“, she confided to our colleagues.


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