Fabian Fuchs is the new gay bachelor: what is known about Prince Charming 2022?

Soon a gay bachelor will be able to go in search of Mr. Right again and hand out black ties to candidates on TV. Fabian Fuchs is the new “Prince Charming”. With him, the “Gay Bachelor” variant is already in its fourth season. What is known in advance?

What is known about the age, profession and ex-boyfriends of “Prince Charming” Fabian Fuchs

At 33, Fabian Fuchs is the oldest “Prince Charming” to date who is looking for love on TV. He currently lives in Berlin and works in the management of an internet company. “I have a lot of energy and a zest for life,” says the gay bachelor about himself.

Ex-relationships: Fabian Fuchs does not show ex-boyfriend (anymore)

Nothing is known about his previous relationships. There are no couple photos with ex-boyfriends on his Instagram channel. Only a lot of holiday photos and pictures with friends can be found on his account.

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New season of “Prince Charming”: That’s what Fabian Fuchs is looking for in a man

After Nicolas Puschmann, Alexander Schäfer and Kim Tränka, Fabian Fuchs is the fourth “Prince Charming”. Since it hasn’t worked out for him in real life or online dating so far, he now dares to jump into the world of dating TV. “What I like about the show is that all men have the same goal of finding love and are open to it,” he explains.

But what man even has a chance with him? Fabian Fuchs says about his performance: “Anyone who brings humor and a little lightness can score well with me. I also find it very sexy when men pursue ambitious goals in life. Sportiness for joint activities is also a big plus.”

Fabian Fuchs on Instagram: The new gay bachelor presents himself so undressed on the net

The 33-year-old seems to be no stranger to Instagram. When it was announced by RTL in June 2022, Fabian had already built up a proud number of followers. Over 10,000 people follow the Berliner. “Prince Charming” yes. Maybe his popularity is due to his hot photos that he presents to his followers!? On it Fabian Fuchs can usually be seen only lightly dressed:

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Candidates and airtime: what is known about the fourth season of “Prince Charming”?

Fabian Fuchs can choose his prince charming from the 21 candidates. So many men have never participated in “Prince Charming”, as RTL confirmed to AZ. However, the gay participants will only be presented in a few months.

The exact start date of the dating show is not yet known. From autumn 2022, the episodes of “Prince Charming” will be broadcast via the streaming service RTL +.

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