Fabienne Carat mistakenly reveals the face of her daughter! “Why are we being filmed?”

Not showing the faces of their children is part of the principles of some celebrities. If Nabilla had assumed to expose Milann in front of the media, we cannot say that this choice is really unanimous. Fabienne Carat, for example, is one of those who above all want their children to be as exposed. A completely understandable situation given the fact that the celebrity does not only have qualities. The other side of the coin is much darker and many people have already paid the price. Especially since after the ordeal she experienced during her delivery, she only wishes the best for her child.

When to err is human

Fabienne Carat therefore intends to wait before showing the face of her child in the media. One thing is certain, she blundered during her visit to the Sud Radio studios. For good reason, the actress was on the set when the listeners had heard her child crying behind the scenes. So she got up to calm him down before returning to her seat with her baby in her arms. She didn’t know at the time that the cameras were rolling. Especially since the program had been filmed live.

Fabienne Carat with her daughter, Sud Radio
Fabienne Carat with her daughter, Sud Radio

One of the facilitators then asked her if it did not bother her to reveal her baby’s face in this way. That’s when she realized her mistake, but much too late. Fabienne Carat in any case caught up by quickly hiding her face with her hand.

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