Fabrice Luchini: this day when, exceeded, he directly called the President of the Republic

Very close to Emmanuel Macron, Fabrice Luchini did not hesitate to call the President of the Republic during the first confinement.

Fabrice Luchini does not have his tongue in his pocket. It is the least we can say. Last November, guest of Sonia Mabrouk on the antenna of Europe 1, the actor revealed that he had not hesitated to call Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe at the time of the first confinement to express his anger. “I went so far as to call the President of the Republic and Édouard Philippe at the time to allow me to tell them: ‘You keep locking us up!'”confided Fabrice Luchini, exasperated.

From this period of confinement, the actor released a fable which he called The Fountain and the Confinement and whose moral is as follows: “Stop locking us up because otherwise we will go crazy”. To pass the time, Fabrice Luchini decided to immerse himself in the little-known fables of Jean de La Fontaine. He thus discovers The bear and the garden lovera fable by Jean de La Fontaine, “where he explains that it is very dangerous to have cretin friends, that it is better to have quality enemies than stupid friends”he explains to Sonia Mabrouk.

Fabrice Luchini: “Emmanuel Macron is extremely attractive”

Last February, guest of France Inter, Fabrice Luchini returned to his intimate relationship with Emmanuel Macron, a man he appreciates. “Emmanuel Macron is extremely attractive. With him you can still talk about Péguy, Rimbaud, he can give you advice at 2 a.m. to buy a book on Baudelaire. It’s still amazing”confided the comedian known for his rants.


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