Failure of 3 moderators causes a series of breakdowns

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Of: Matthew Kernstock


Choas broadcast on Sat.1: The moderators Melissa Khalaj, Jochen Bendel and Marlene Lufen were canceled on Thursday. The broadcaster failed to spell the substitute presenter correctly.

Cologne – In episode 7 of “Celebrity Big Brother” on Sat.1, moderator Jochen Schropp (44) had to lead alone through the reality show with a prominent cast. At the beginning of the show at 10:15 p.m., the Sat.1 viewers were initially wondering where presenter Marlene Lufen (51) was.

Marlene Lufen declares failure at “Celebrity Big Brother” on Instagram

As the “Breakfast TV” presenter explained to her followers on Instagram, she was “unwell”. “I’m very devastated. Unfortunately, I am unwell and cannot be at the show tonight. But of course I look from the couch and hope that I’ll be back at the start tomorrow. Joschi can do it without me,” says Lufen.

But the failure of the moderator in the main show should only be the beginning of a Choas program on Sat.1. Two moderators were also missing from the “Late Night Show”, which came directly after “Celebrity Big Brother”. A total of three moderators were absent.

Chaos with “Celebrity Big Brother”: the failure of 3 moderators causes a series of breakdowns

In addition to Marlene Lufen, Jochen Bendel and Melissa Khalaj were also missing. The latter had already announced its failure on Wednesday. Because the presenter will be in front of the camera for “The Voice Kids” in Berlin in the coming days, she could not be with “Celebrity Big Brother” in Cologne on Thursday evening.

Failure of 3 moderators causes a series of breakdowns
Had to step in on Thursday’s “Late Night Show” by “Celebrity Big Brother”: Romina Langenhan and Aaron Troschke. © Sat.1

Spectator favorite Jochen Bendel could not moderate the “Late Night Show” because his dog Gizmo got sick and the moderator wanted to stand by his four-legged friend. “He caught something a few days ago,” said the moderator on his Instagram account. “And even today, he’s still not doing really well. That’s why I decided to stay with him today.”

Sat.1 does not know the name of the replacement moderator

The numerous failures also seemed to bother the producers of Sat.1. Romina Langenhan and Aaron Troschke “Celebrity Big Brother – The Late Night Show” jumped in spontaneously. Too spontaneous, because: Sat.1 just didn’t manage to spell the name of the substitute presenter correctly.

Instead of Romina Langenhan, Sat.1 constantly writes “Romina Langhan”: The breakdown series is continued

“Welcome to the party cellar, today with a slightly different cast,” 37-year-old Romina Langenhan opened the show at the beginning. The spectators wondered about the abdominal bandage shortly afterwards. Sat.1 wrote: “Romina Langhan & Aaron Troschke – freshly baked team”. The broadcaster showed the wrong name of the presenter several times.

Romina’s name is not Langhan, but Langenhan. Only when the lower third was shown again at around 12:39 a.m., about 50 minutes after the start of the show, did the broadcaster insert an “en”. The wrong name continued the series of breakdowns from Sat.1. away. The day before, Melissa Khalaj was in the picture, but what was heard was a conversation between Jochen Bendel and Jeremy Fragrance that was not intended for viewers.

During the week there was already a surprising departure from “Celebrity Big Brother.” Although he has just moved into the luxury loft, Jeremy Fragrance voluntarily threw it down. For religious reasons. Sources used: Instagram Marlene Lufen, Sat.1