Faisal Kawusi shocks with a saying about a joke by Joyce Ilg – Sat.1 reacts

After his comment on an alleged rape joke, Sat.1 distanced itself from comedian Faisal Kawusi.

After his comment on an alleged rape joke, Sat.1 distanced itself from comedian Faisal Kawusi. Image: Geisler-Fotopress / Christoph Hardt/Geisler-Fotopress

Joyce Ilg’s “knock-out joke” continues to spread widely. His controversial reaction to the scandal now has consequences for comedian Faisal Kawusi.

Background: Actress Joyce Ilg, who is with comedian Luke Mockridge, against whom there are allegations of rape, shared a photo with a provocative caption on Easter Sunday. “Did any of you find eggs here? I just got a few knockout drops,” she wrote in a photo she shared with Luke Mockridge.

This triggered a wave of outrage. Joyce Ilg was accused of making fun of victims of sexualized violence.

Songwriter Silvi Carlsson also commented: “I almost died from knockout drops. Not cool, Joyce. Again”. Faisal Kawusi then intervened. “Next time I’ll increase the dose, I promise,” wrote the 30-year-old to Silvi Carlsson.

Kawusi was heavily criticized for this comment. His former in-house broadcaster Sat.1 was also confronted with many requests to distance himself from the controversial comedian – which has now happened.

The collaboration with Kawusi ended last fall “for reasons” and it will remain so, the broadcaster tweeted. Kawusi has not had its own show for two years, Sat.1 noted.

Author Jasmina Kuhnke accuses the broadcaster of using double standards. She wonders why the separation from Kawusi is not a problem, while Luke Mockridge and Joyce Ilg – with whom Sat.1 has already worked – do not want to comment.

Kuhnke, who calls herself “quattromilf” on Twitter, assumes that this unequal treatment is due to Kawusi’s skin color. Comedian and writer Shahak Shapira also harshly criticizes the station’s supposed double standards on Twitter.

Kawusi himself has apologized in his Instagram story for his “statement made” and announced that he will withdraw from social media for the time being. It was not wise and he would think about how he would like to behave publicly in the future.