Faisal Kawusi with baseless hints

Faisal Kawusi has again in a twitch stream to his "Chez Kromer"-Appearance voiced.

Faisal Kawusi commented again on his “Chez Krömer” appearance in a Twitch stream.Image: rbb/Carolin Ubl


Jennifer Ullrich

The “Chez-Krömer” episode with Faisal Kawusi made headlines at the end of November, because the atmosphere between the presenter and the guest was probably even more tense than usual this time. The episode finally ended with Krömer breaking off the conversation and leaving the room. A short time later, the comedian complained in a Twitch stream that he felt he was being treated unfairly – and even insulted the moderator as “H-son”. One topic of the TV interview was a controversial knockout drop by Kawusi against Silvi Carlsson on Instagram.

In another Twitch stream, Kawusi brought up the controversial “Chez Krömer” issue again, but this time it was much calmer. In it he draws his lessons from the escalation in front of running cameras.

Faisal Kawusi wants to be more careful after “Chez Krömer”.

“Comedy is allowed to do everything. You don’t have to like it,” Kawusi confirms his view of things in the stream. He has never and will never apologize for joking about a specific topic. Nevertheless, he would like to draw personal conclusions from the scandal. The 31-year-old announces:

“One thing I learned from that is that I’ll never show myself so weak in public again. I’ll never show myself so frail again.”

rbb television CHEZ KRÖMER, on Tuesday (06.12.22) at 10:15 p.m.  As is well known, the guest in Krömer's interrogation room is at the mercy of unpredictable situations, content and whims.  And there are still men...

Krömer abruptly ended the conversation with Kawusi.Image: rbb/Carolin Ubl

The receipt from the past was that “people stepped on it and didn’t stop anymore”. If necessary, Kawusi will continue to resign (verbally). “Guys, you can’t blame me for everything,” he also says on the stream.

Kawusi talks about Krömer again

The comedian also expressed personal suspicions about the moderator on Twitch, which he did not voice directly on the show because he was “not sure”. “When he came in, a smell came over me and I thought: It’s not appropriate to eat something like that now,” says Kawusi, making a tasteless and unnecessary accusation – Krömer is a dry alcoholic, has been stirring since not a drop for years.

Apart from that, however, Kawusi was forgiving: the moderator had “made the show good 40 times” and “obviously had a bad day” in one issue. The comedian asked himself during the recording: “Are you present? Do you even hear what I’m saying?”

But now Kawusi gives in: “I have sympathy for Kurt Kroemer. i don’t hate him I got a little worked up in anger on the last stream,” he admits.

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