Fan transforms a Barbie into Paty Chapoy

Fan transforms a Barbie into Paty Chapoy. The Mexican driver is uOne of the most famous figures in the entertainment world because he always keeps us up to date with the best secrets of the stars, which he shares through his television program Ventaneando.

Although the driver has always generated controversy because it is not liked by many people, there are others who adore and admire it. Example of this is Francis Valenciawho through his TikTok account, he wanted to immortalize his idol by transforming a Barbie doll into the entertainment journalist.

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If you watch the video you will be really surprised by the result that the young man got, who with her hands managed step by step for the iconic doll to literally become the presenter. Without a doubt, the young man took advantage of his talent because he is dedicated to the conservation, restoration and customization of Barbie dolls.

The TikTok user @_frankshinedolls began the “crossover” by cutting his hair until he achieved a Bob cut with bangs, identical to how the journalist wears it; what’s more first shows a doll without expressions, basically the face is erased so the young man starts outlining the eyes.

Then she tells us how I make up the doll’s face to make it look rounderalso gave a touch up to the nose so that it would be similar to that of the driver and painted her lips red, since the rest of the makeup is discreet, as Paty usually uses.

In the video, the young narrates that to characterize the dolls he has to make them up as people do in real lifeso use various cosmetics such as shadows, lipstick and concealer in order to make the features more similar to the character.

But that’s not all, once I had already put makeup on the doll’s face, He placed an outfit on her, which would surely be in the driver’s wardrobe. Once this detail was finished, he matched the doll with the journalist’s voice, so the result is really surprising.

Internet users immediately congratulated the young man because she managed to make the iconic doll look like Paty Chapoy, others considered that the driver should see the video so that she knows that she already has a Barbie inspired by her. So far, the clip continues to go viral.

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