Fanny Lu had a tender gesture with Mauricio Leal’s dogs

The renowned singer Fanny Lu continues to show why she was the best friend of the stylist Mauricio Leal. He has not stopped dreaming of him, remembering him and planning tributes in the name of his beloved ‘Maito’, murdered with his mother, Marleny Hernández, by his own brother Jhonier Leal in the midst of a double crime that shocked the country and that occurred on November 21, 2021.

The artist recorded a six-minute video and released it on Friday, March 18, through her Instagram account. In the recording, Fanny Lu is seen visiting her friend Mauricio’s puppies. During the visit she brought them gifts (toys, cookies and food). The animals have been cared for by some neighbors of the famous hairdresser.

“I am one of those who thinks that your right hand should not know what your left hand is doing, but this case is special because it is about Mauricio Leal and his little children, his puppies: Maito and Niñito. Through social networks I have received your messages of concern and it fills me with happiness that everyone is aware of them. I am here on behalf of everyone,” Fanny Lu wrote in her post.

The singer especially thanked Simón and his wife, as the neighbor is called, for the care and love they give to the canines. “They are very well, they have never endured hunger or been in poor condition. I share with you this beautiful experience, “concluded one of the celebrities who has felt the murder of her” Genius Boy “the most.

“Hello little boy and Maito, you know that Maito sends you lots of kisses from up there in heaven. I know how much Marleny and Mauricio cared about these puppies. Simón, you were the one who kept one of the most beautiful memories of them, ”said the artist to the neighbor of the Leals.

The man said that he greatly appreciated Marleny, whom he had known for 8 years. On several occasions she asked him the favor of taking care of her two puppies, especially when he was resting for a radiotherapy treatment that they did to his legs.

“Whatever you need for the puppies let me know. If I didn’t have so many, I’d take them, I have four in Peru and three in Bogotá,” said an excited Fanny Lu, who verified that Maito’s two pets are well cared for, and not as they have wanted to make it appear on social networks.

Fanny Lu’s tender gesture generated many reactions on her Instagram profile. “For more friends like fanny Lu”. “Ufffff!! Inevitable not to cry, so many feelings”. “The best way to honor a friendship.” “Linda Fanny Lu… and the gentlemen who welcomed Mauricio Leal’s puppies into their home,” were some of the comments they wrote on this social network.

The singer Fanny Lu has always expressed her pain at the departure of Mauricio Leal.  Photo: Instagram @fannylu.
The singer Fanny Lu has always expressed her pain at the departure of Mauricio Leal. Photo: Instagram @fannylu. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @fannylu.

On January 24, the Colombian singer revealed in a special live broadcast on Laura Acuña’s YouTube channel that she will create a book to remember Mauricio’s legacy among his friends.

“He came and touched many lives, like when he transformed your hair, that’s how he transformed our hearts and it would be very nice to see this transformation reflected in a memory bookand I would love to propose it to you so that together we can make this beautiful project”, said Fanny Lu between tears, at that moment.

“Count on me, Fanny, what’s more, I’m going to start working on the issue right now and we’ll call on all those women who transformed it and you’ll have part of the logistics here in Colombia, it seems divine to me,” Acuña responded immediately. .