Fans attack the ex-wife of Fernando del Solar

Shortly after the Argentine presenter was diagnosed with cancer, he faced the separation of his then wife Ingrid Coronado, earning the rejection of the fans.

After the news was released about the death of the charismatic Argentine presenter, Fernando del Solar, who had developed an artistic career in Mexico, the fans attacked his ex-wife again on social networks.

Although so far the cause of death has not been clarified, people close to him have highlighted that he had several relapses and health problems that were linked to cancer that had been diagnosed in 2012.

For Internet users, the news was devastating and they quickly turned to the networks to mourn the loss of the driver, but they also took the opportunity to remember how Ingrid Coronado would have separated from him, while he was starting his battle against the disease.

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“Surely in your book you talk about how to abandon the supposed love of your life in the most difficult moments, right? How to make it worth mad * s and continue as if nothing in your life. As well as useful tips to stop complaining and remain like the eternal victim after abandoning the loved one when he needs you the most”, “I would never read anything about you, you are not an example, on the contrary”, “YOU WILL BE HAPPY HARPY”, were just some of the comments that the Mexican received in her Instagram posts, especially in which she was promoting her book “MujerÓN”.

Several fans of Ingrid noticed the attack and did not hesitate to leave messages of support “People so ignorant and retrograde that they come and attack Ingrid without knowing, understand only they know what happened, let’s be mature and respect the moment. Fernando was a great person, let’s learn from that”, “You do not deserve those comments, a big hug, we do not know if you are also having a bad time”, some people wrote to him.

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Fernando was expected to give a conference this Thursday, in the city of Mérida, in the state of Yucatán, but the event was postponed, without giving details.

With a publication on his Instagram account, it was reported that due to “force majeure”, the presentation had to be rescheduled, ending with his emblematic phrase “Arriba los corazón”.