Fans celebrate pool photo of Steffi Graf’s daughter Jaz Agassi

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Fans celebrate pool photo of Steffi Graf’s daughter Jaz Agassi
Steffi Graf’s daughter Jaz Elle Agassi delights her fans with a pool photo ©

In her latest Instagram post, Steffi Graf’s daughter is relaxed by the pool. Her fans are ecstatic at the sight and shower Jaz Elle Agassi with compliments. They often do not see such images.

If Jaz Elle Agassi (18) usually stays out of the public eye, she is now heating up her followers with her latest Instagram post. Except for a few pictures from the ski vacation, the social media account of the daughter of tennis pro Steffi Graf is pretty empty. Now she is showing herself in a summer look at the pool for the first time and is making her fans sweat a lot.

Jaz Elle Agassi delights her fans with a bikini photo

After sporting thick ski suits and winter jackets for the past few days, Jaz Elle seems to be enjoying some sun. In her most recent post, the 18-year-old is now relaxed at the pool in a bikini top and wide trousers. The white bikini shimmers through the thin trousers.

Her fans also seem to like the sight. In addition to numerous heart-eye emojis, fans also compliment the 18-year-old like “Beautiful like her mom” (in German: beautiful like her mother). Another fan puts it in a nutshell: “Amazing”, while another writes “Great pictures”.

Jaz Elle Agassi likes to stay out of the public eye

It remains to be seen whether her followers will get more insights into the life of the tennis professional daughter. Because unlike her brother Jaden, who is often in the limelight due to his career as a basketball player, the 18-year-old enjoys her privacy.

Fan comments under Jaz Elle Agassi's Instagram post
Jaz Elle Agassi makes her fans sweat © Instagram/Screenshot

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