Fans disappointed after important announcement – ​​”Boring!”

The costumes of the sixth "The Masked Singer"season looks promising - but fans are disappointed with the cast of the guessing team.

The costumes for the sixth season of “The Masked Singer” look promising – but fans are disappointed with the cast of the guessing team.Image: dpa / ProSieben

The sixth season of “The Masked Singer” starts on March 19th on ProSieben. Again, masked celebrities will sing on stage and try not to be exposed for as long as possible. Gradually, the celebrities are chosen from the show and have to identify themselves at the end of each issue.

It is already known that there will be a zebra, a seagull, a thorny devil, a gorilla, a starfish and a koala. In addition, for the first time, children were given the opportunity to send in mask designs. The best has already been selected and processed into another mask. Otherwise, as always, the broadcaster is very silent so as not to reveal too much.

Even who will be on the guessing team this time was a big secret until two days before the start of the season. Because the announcement was kept quiet for so long, fans suspected that there could be a big surprise in the cast. In the past seasons, Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey, or Sonja Zietlow and Bülent Ceylan, have always sat behind the show desk, each with a changing guest adviser. Now ProSieben has finally announced who will take on the job – but a number of fans are not at all enthusiastic about the selection.

Fixed “The Masked Singer” guessing team remains unchanged once again

On Instagram, ProSieben let “The Masked Singer” fans know on Thursday that Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey are again part of the fixed rate team. There will also be a changing guest this season. However, a number of commentators have already expressed their disappointment under the post.

Among other things, you can read there: “Boring! Can’t there be more variety?” Another user agreed: “The only bad news, otherwise I’m looking forward to the season.” A third commenter let ProSieben know in a little more detail:

“Oh man, it’s really boring, always the same guessing team! A lot of people complain season after season, but apparently you don’t care what the ratings people say. It’s such a wonderful show, but a little bit A change in the team would be great!”

In fact, Ruth Moschner was only missing in the third season, when the entire guessing team was replaced for the first time. And for the fourth time she is there with the singer, which means that the displeasure of the audience can be understood to some extent.

Ruth Moschner has long been a member of "The Masked Singer"-Main cast.

Ruth Moschner has long been part of the “The Masked Singer” cast.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

At least this week’s rate guest was able to trigger some storms of enthusiasm: the comedian and moderator Ralf Schmitz is part of “The Masked Singer” for the first time and will support Ruth and Rea. “It’s going to be a party!” Many users judged under the post. Ralf has often been suspected to be under one of the masks in previous seasons, so his participation as a masked singer is ruled out this time too. So that limits the field of celebrities in the ProSieben format a little.

Fans have been waiting for a celebrity candidate for years

The spectators are particularly excited to see who will be hiding in the seagull costume. According to ProSieben, it should be a celebrity from the north who has a conspicuous smile. A number of VIPs come into question, for example Otto Waalkes or Joko Winterscheidt – at least as far as the laugh is concerned.

For years, the fans have been waiting to see the moderator perform in one of the costumes – after all, that would be particularly amusing because Joko says he can’t sing at all.