Fans scoff at Cathy Hummels’ Photoshop fail

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Actually, Cathy Hummels just wanted to stage her chic bikini. But fans have their eye on another part of the body. They seem to have discovered a lousy Photoshop fail on their arm.

Dubai – While most people in Germany are freezing, Cathy Hummels (34) enjoys the time in the sun. Shortly after her divorce from soccer star Mats Hummels (34), the 34-year-old treats herself to a warm break in Dubai. With a bikini posting on Instagram, she wants to make her fans jealous, but the attempt backfires powerfully.

Fans scoff at Cathy Hummels’ Photoshop fail

Did Cathy Hummels help out with the photo editing? Fans seem to have discovered several errors at once. In the comments, a lot of Instagram users fall on the TV presenter. “So either I have a kink in the optics or something is wrong with the forearm,” reads one comment.

Another seems to have spotted another bug: “Boha Cathy, you overdid it with the editing. Your skin looks like it has scars from scalded water”. “Sometimes a little less Photoshop is more,” advises another.

Photoshop on Instagram

Again and again, fans recognize bad Photoshop fails on Instagram. The social media platform now wants to pay more attention to this by hiding very alienated images. Exactly how Instagram intends to counteract this and how much the images can be edited before they are hidden remains unclear.

Source: Deutschlandfunknova

Cathy Hummels’ fans have their backs

But her loyal fans support the ex-wife of BVB player Mats Hummels as usual: “I have the impression that some just want to hate, but you can’t fault her, she’s a goddess. She doesn’t have to edit her pictures, she’s a dream woman,” enthuses a fan.

While the ‘Battle of the Reality Stars’ host is tanning in the sun, she has to deal with a defamation lawsuit. Because what Cathy Hummels has to say about the newly released Boris Becker does not please the tennis legend at all. He then promptly sued the 34-year-old. Source used: Instagram/cathyhummels