“Farmer is looking for a wife” couple makes an unusual decision – after marriage

Despite marriage and having children together: Jörg and Vanessa live separately.

Despite marriage and having children together: Jörg and Vanessa live separately.Image: rtl


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Jennifer Ullrich

After the first phase of being in love, a shared apartment is the next logical step for most couples – and so it was with Vanessa and Jörg, who met and fell in love in 2016 through “Bauer sucht Frau”.

But as the special “Farmer is looking for a wife – love happiness and baby boom” revealed on Christmas Day, In the meantime there was a love crisis for the two, which had drastic consequences. The current status of the couple is all the more surprising.

“Farmer is looking for a woman” couple explains their relationship decision

Jörg and Vanessa got married in 2018, but then the happiness in love suddenly cracked. “At some point there was a moment in our relationship where something happened in the universe that drove us apart for a brief moment,” explains Vanessa in front of the RTL cameras, without giving any further reasons.

Eventually she even moved out of Jörg’s house and looked for her own place to stay. What is special, however, is that the relationship has now stabilized again and the couple still live separately – out of conviction.

Vanessa reports on an interim relationship crisis.

Vanessa reports on an interim relationship crisis.picture: rtl

Vanessa makes it clear about the unconventional model: “We are in a modern world and we are simply better off with it.” In June 2022 she and Jörg even became parents of twins. That didn’t change her point of view either. Moving in together again is not an issue for them.

“Farmer is looking for a woman” couple relies on spatial separation – despite offspring

In the TV special, Jörg is also convinced: “It works great.” The secret of the two is to always be there for each other, even without a shared roof over their heads.

In “Love Happiness and Baby Boom” you can see how Jörg supports his partner, especially during the pregnancy phase. Now, after the birth, the 38-year-old drives past Vanessa and the children every day to show presence with his family and relieve his wife of work.

Jörg visits Vanessa and the children every day.

Jörg visits Vanessa and the children every day.picture: rtl

When it comes to the “Bauer sucht Frau” couple, the special concept with the separate apartments is actually a major reason why the relationship is (again) working so well. “It’s still crackling with us!” At least the two are happy on RTL.

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