“Farmer is looking for a woman internationally”: Cockfight for a winemaker

Updated on 4/25/2022 10:31 p.m

  • Men can also do catfights: At the start of “Bauer sucht Frau international” things get really busy.
  • In the fight for the heart of the winemaker Rolinka, two gentlemen give nothing at all.
  • Meanwhile, farmer Justin is spoiled for choice: he has to choose between five ladies-in-waiting.

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Hesse Frank, who has lived in Switzerland for years, and his competitor Andreas from Baden-Württemberg impressively demonstrated in the opening episode of “Bauer sucht Frau International” (7 episodes, Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m. on RTL) that cat wars are by no means just something for women. The two gentlemen had applied for the favor of the winemaker Rolinka (54) from southern France.

Auditor Alexander had barely got off the plane when it all started: Before the taxi ride, he was examined extensively, then Frank said with a grin: “I don’t want to be outrageous, but I think I have a good chance!” On top of that. During the drive, he kept trying to lure Alex out of his reserve: “Are you going to bed then?” Frank suggested – in view of arriving at Rolinka’s. “You need time for two!” His competitor was getting angry. Frank made certain concessions: “I’ll see that you can get to know her after me!”

In fact, the winemaker took time for both men at the same time, but unfortunately Alex didn’t cut a good figure. Rolinka didn’t really like his sense of humor. And the fact that he is more of a stranger to dogs was not so well received either. “Do you have pets?” she asked. “Three sons!” exclaimed Alex. “And my mother always had a bird!”

Five ladies-in-waiting for Justin from Alsace

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Farmer Justin is looking for the woman for life.


One can only hope that getting to know the Frenchman Justin and his ladies will go a little smoother. But the ladies-in-waiting had to collect themselves first. The attractive farmer wants to get to know five proud women so that he can then decide who is allowed to come to his farm in Alsace.

The competitors didn’t really like each other right away. Rhinelander Maureen was simply a thorn in the side of the other women: “I think it’s stupid that the competition is there!” She admitted. And there was something else to complain about: “I saw that she was showing a lot of skin on her legs!” Maureen complained about Steffi from Austria. Nevertheless, she saw herself ahead: “I think I have the better chances!”

Maureen’s fighting spirit did not go unnoticed by the other women: “She will try everything to win over Justin!” Steffi estimated. Paloma from Switzerland saw it similarly: “I think she could get jealous!” And Sabrina from North Rhine-Westphalia quickly found out: “She’s totally fixated on him!” And even? “I won’t take anything. I’m not here to make any friends!” Sabrina said. “I would be willing to fight for him!”

“Simone looks like a coffee bean!”

Farmer is looking for a woman, international, Inka Bause, Peru, South Africa, RTL, farmers, love, dome show
If you want to visit Félix in Peru, you have to bring a lot of time and nerves with you.


Fighting for their Peruvian coffee farmer Félix – that’s what Simone and Monika want too. And they shot each other at the airport in Lima: “I was immediately aware that this would never be my girlfriend!” Simone stated. But then the journey to the middle of the jungle became so difficult and the air so thin that they decided to join forces – and took a hotel room together.

Félix was disappointed that he now had to wait even longer for his ladies. He was already happy: “Simone looks like a coffee bean! I think that’s awesome!” But after ten years of being single, one day more or less probably doesn’t matter anymore. Maybe he can use the time to fix the water heater. Otherwise, the ladies have to take a cold shower!
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16 farmers and one farmer’s wife are looking for love on RTL in 2022. “The new farmers” of the 18th season “Bauer sucht Frau” offer a lot and expect even more. Among them is the first bisexual contestant in the show’s history.