“Farmer is looking for a woman internationally”: frustration in the jacuzzi and Zoff in the jungle

“Farmer is looking for a woman internationally”
Frustration in the jacuzzi and trouble in the jungle

By Kai Butterweck

Important decisions are made on the farms in Peru and southern France. Also: Farmer Hans desperately rummages through the dating archive, potato farmer Justin is on cloud nine, and on the farm of asparagus expert Rüdiger, a woman who despises wine is visibly falling behind.

“The first night together was wonderful!” exults potato farmer Justin. With delicious coffee in bed and never-ending cuddles, the French farmer and his Austrian lady have a really good time. Justin’s heart isn’t just “pumping” anymore, it’s actually “banging”. For 34-year-old Stefanie, all of this is still a big dream.

Of course, so much love has to be taken with you and held on to. Justin wants his Stefanie to be connected to him every day at home too. A snazzy chain with a heart pendant is supposed to act as a pink link. Stefanie is “speechless”. Tears flow. The farm week in Alsace ended with a real happy ending.

“Somehow that doesn’t fit with us”

Something is also in the offing not far from the French Mediterranean coast. But before winemaker Rolinka can fully devote herself to her love plans, one Swabian “interfering factor” has to be cleared away. Candidate Alexander had already been punished with non-compliance the day before. But the path of ignorance does not want to end, and so the encapsulated man seeks a conversation with the lady-in-waiting. Rolinka “seizes” the chance and finally pours Alexander in the clear (“Somehow that doesn’t fit with us”). So the way is finally clear for more togetherness with Frank. As expected, he is “thrilled” by the news. While Alexander leaves the farm disappointed, Rolinka and Frank finally get closer. The new togetherness is celebrated with a crackling campfire and real Swiss chocolate.

Things are not quite decided in South Africa and Canada. At the Cape of Good Hope, the weather fluctuations make things difficult for Christine in particular. The alcohol allergy sufferer also points both thumbs down at the later wine tasting. Competitor Martina, on the other hand, collects more and more plus points. At the evening party with friends, the blonde enjoys her favorite role to the fullest: “These are all really cool socks here!” Martina trumpets jubilantly into the night.

Cowgirls without lassos

Animal lover Hans in Canada has to go to the supermarket. This shows that Danielle and Hans are not only on the same page when it comes to understanding animals, but also when it comes to nutrition. After a wild llama hunt, during which Danielle and Nina earn the “Real cowgirls without lassos” seal of approval, Hans throws on the outdoor jacuzzi. Nina senses her chance. But it doesn’t get really stormy under the bubbles: “My hot dating phases were quite a long time ago,” Hans explains the increasing silence in the pool.

It hasn’t been quiet in the Peruvian jungle for a long time. After the turbulent “Tyrolean Evening”, Monika, Simone and Felix head towards the water pump to finally get the shower problem under control. However, it is knee-deep in a brown broth and gives no sign of life. Monika is disappointed and threatens to stay in the hotel again.

There is no more hope for Felix and Monika

For the dedicated coffee farmer, the measure is now full. In a one-on-one conversation, Felix doesn’t mince his words: “You like convenience and haven’t really shown any interest,” the farmer complains. Monika sees it differently and vehemently defends herself against the role of the scapegoat: “You didn’t give me a chance,” the candidate stormed back in tears. The tablecloth is cut. There is no more hope for Felix and Monika. The love oven is off.

Saxon Simone takes note of the new developments with a satisfied smile on her face. The next morning there is still no warm water, but instead a tropical breakfast with lots of rolls and even more vitamin C: “It feels like we’ve been married for 20 years!” Simone is looking forward to the rest of the week second. Farmer Felix is ​​grinning from ear to ear.