“Farmer is looking for a woman internationally”: “My heart is pumping!”

“Farmer is looking for a woman internationally”
“My heart is pumping!”

By Kai Butterweck

Claw alarm in the Peruvian jungle, sweaty toil in southern France and the race for the biggest gingerbread hearts: At the start of the love week, things are already happening on some farms.

After sometimes adventurous journeys, the first love-hungry candidates have finally arrived at their chosen farmers. Even in the Peruvian jungle, the ordeal of the journey has finally come to an end – much to the delight of Saxon Monika, who wipes the sweat from her forehead again shortly before arriving at coffee farmer Felix: “Off to the pampas!” the trained beautician shouts .

Farmer Rüdiger is looking forward to the start of Farm Week.

Farmer Rüdiger is looking forward to the start of Farm Week.

(Photo: RTL)

Competitor Monika is not quite as euphoric, the past marathon trip is still too much in her bones. Having finally arrived at the coffee farmer’s farm, the native Czech has to digest the next setback: “I’m sorry, but unfortunately we won’t have hot water for the next few days,” Felix explains to the visibly shocked women. The hot water drama is not the only problem for Monika. The fact that all three protagonists are supposed to spend the night in a room without partitions also upsets the waitress bitterly: “That’s not acceptable to me,” Monika rumbles. The end of the song: Shortly before the visit of the sandman, Monika orders a taxi for another unplanned hotel stay. Whether that was the right decision?

A hen named “Ikea”

On the southern French farm of winemaker Rolinka, Frank and Alexander first get to know all the chickens. The “therapy chicken” goes by the name of “Betty” and the jittery hen “Ikea” is hiding behind olive tree number 243. The two humorous jacks of hearts are impressed: “Those are creative names,” smiles Alexander. In the afternoon, however, the duo stops laughing. Frank and Alexander are allowed to toil in the vineyards with the chainsaw and the weed mower for a whopping four hours. But work is part of it. In the evening, the expected sore muscles are no longer an issue. While Frank sinks into the reading he has brought with him, Alexander seizes the opportunity and collects plus points with a spontaneous dance routine.

Far away South Africa is still a long way from casual attempts at rapprochement. Farmer Rüdiger first has to make sure that his two ladies Christine and Martina don’t fall asleep in the back seat of his car. However, the unexpected dozing off has nothing to do with Rüdiger’s talkative attitude, but solely with the long journey to do. Arriving at the farm, the two ladies-in-waiting are wide awake again: “I can’t find the words!” Martina cheers. Buffalo room, lion room, water bed, campfire: Rüdiger also offers his guests the full program. After a cozy hour by the open fire and a bottle of Tyrolean schnapps, everyone goes to bed with a good feeling: “That was a great start!”, sums up the visibly satisfied farmer.

“I have a bit of pressure”

Justin from Alsace would also like to sit around the campfire with his chosen ladies. But the shy Frenchman with the toothpaste smile has yet to overcome the seemingly insurmountable “Who should I take with me?” hurdle. “I’m under a bit of pressure,” the farmer admits shortly before the start of the scheduled speed dating session. The five ladies present don’t make it easy for Justin either. However, later in the day, a decision is made. In the presence of Inka Bause, who was very excited and crossing his fingers, the Frenchman presented the Austrian Stefanie and the Westphalian Maureen with the two largest of a total of five gingerbread hearts they had brought with them. “My heart is pumping!” Justin stutters. Now things can finally start in Alsace.