Farruko faces criticism for being a Christian | Famous

Farruko has been in the midst of controversy after announcing his conversion to Christianity. The criticism of his decision to focus on his spiritual life has not stopped since last February that he made it public.

This Sunday, May 15, Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado, the singer’s real name, made a post on Instagram with which he would reply to those who point him out for practicing the Christian religion.

“I was the best artist, but I was the worst human being. Y when i tried to be a better human being i became the worst artist”, he says about a photo where he appears on top of a stage.

Until this Monday, May 16, the post has more than 400,000 likes and more than 11,000 comments, in many of them colleagues of the genre are read showing their support and applauding that they remain firm despite the ridicule and reproaches that has received.

“You are the best and I am proud of who you have always been beyond the stage, as a good son, brother, father and good friend. Your legacy is already written, no one can erase it. God is more than good. Go ahead”, wrote Tito El Bambino. “You are the beast, I admire you,” said Justin Quiles.

Guaynaa, Raphy Pina, Baby Rasta and Gringo were other artists of the urban genre who reacted and expressed admiration and respect for him.

Why did Farruko decide to convert to Christianity?

The Puerto Rican declared himself a Christian during a concert in Miami, Florida, on February 11. Farruko said that the radical change he was going through was due to the fact that, despite success and money, he had not found happiness and on the contrary it was affecting his personal life, because he was even losing his children.

“Today I can say that yes, that I did it, that I’m doing well, that I’ve achieved many things, I have all the success in the world materially. I had the number one song last year (‘Pepas’) thank God, but I tell you something, I cried at night, I felt empty at night, being number one, having the best cars, having everything, I couldn’t see my children,” he was honest.

Farruko also apologized on that occasion for the messages he has sent to the youth through his successful musical themes, even in that concert he refused to sing his song ‘Pepas’, which disappointed some of his fans and was strongly criticized on social networks.

“I didn’t know the message I was saying in my songs […] I’m not proud of that,” Farruko said during the concert where he revealed to be a Christian.