Father of Octavio Ocaña spreads photo of the alleged murderer of his son

Almost a year after the unexpected death of the young actor Octavio Ocaña, his father and sister met at the offices of the Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico, where they talked with various media outlets about the progress of the late actor’s case.

During this talk, Mr. Octavio Pérez said that he had shown the authorities that his son had not just shot himself as they initially said. He also highlighted the work of the authorities and said he trusted them, after the arrest of one of the alleged perpetrators of Octavio’s death.

The actor’s father, who was accompanied by one of his daughters, said that they are only waiting for the other presumed responsible for the death of his son to be arrested, since he is a fugitive.

The representatives of the media questioned the famous family about whether they had any clues about the whereabouts of the accused. Given this, the actor’s relatives requested support for the dissemination of the photograph of Gerardo “N”, who is currently a fugitive.