Father ‘Torvic’ of ‘Desafío’ married Juan Diego Vanegas, chef of ‘Día a día’

Víctor Hugo Molina became known for participating in the ‘reality’, where he presented himself as the father ‘Torvic’. Although it did not last long, he did not go unnoticed by particular situations that he starred in.

The “influencer of faith”, as he calls himself on his Instagram account, He was in ‘Day by day’ talking about his experience in ‘Challenge The Box’, and apparently he met the chef there.

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Days later, the same priest shared images in meetings with Vanegas.

This Saturday, when Juan Diego Vanegas sealed his love with Sofía Gómez at the altar, it was revealed that it was Father ‘Torvic’ who celebrated the marriage mass.

The images of the wedding that several guests shared show that the bride and groom made a religious celebration in a church and later they celebrated their union on the outskirts of Bogotá.

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The mass was presided over by Father ‘Torvic’, who was also in the place of the celebration together with the bride and groom.

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The ‘influencer’, who has revealed that there are women who have hinted at him, shared a photograph, which can be seen below, with the now-husbands; he sent a message to believers to encourage them to marry.