Fátima Segovia’s husband breaks his silence and claims to be a prosperous businessman Onlyfans show business RMMN | SHOWS

Omar Bolaños, partner of the model Fatima Segoviatries to open a career in the music industry and decided to speak for the first time for the cameras of “Magaly TV: La Firme” where he defended himself against criticism that points out that he is a retainer.

The husband of the comic actress pointed out that, although Onlyfans has helped them a lot financially, he assures that he covers his expenses and those of his family thanks to his three companies.

Onlyfans has helped us a lot in terms of our economic level and social status. I have three companies, I have always maintained, let’s say, the home“, he pointed.

At another time, the couple of the popular “Chuecona” acknowledged that he is annoyed by the comments of his “haters”, where they accuse him of taking advantage of the success of Fátima Segovia on Onlyfans.

I have a lot of belt, I know what I am, I know my worth, I know what I have, that is, in fact, it bothers me to see comments of this type in my photos, for example, when I buy something or expensive shoes and they wear : ‘surely thanks to Onlyfans’, when they don’t know everything one can do to earn money”, he questioned.

To everyone’s surprise, shortly after Omar Bolaños testified to a Magaly Medina team, Fátima Segovia contacted the producer of “Urraca” to prevent the interview with her partner from being broadcast.

“The completely innocent has taught me the questions that have been asked and the truth is that I do not want absolutely nothing to come out. He is going to answer the questions again and the questions that he does not want to answer he is not going to answer and well that is how things will be”, the model can be heard saying.


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